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#GivingTuesday – support Triton District Arts Festival!

 Allow students to live out musical & performing dreams. Exposure to the arts is an essential part of a well-rounded education. The arts provide a means of expression that goes beyond ordinary speaking and writing. The actual practice of creating art can engage the imagination, foster flexible ways of thinking, develop disciplined effort, and build self-confidence.

Triton District Arts Festival

​This festival is about younger kids seeing possibilities – the possibilities associated with continued study and participation in the arts.​ ​It is also an opportunity for the older kids to pass along what they have learned over the years, as well as talk about the traditions and camaraderie they experienced as they continued​ through the program.

It is also about the community and parents seeing the amazing growth and talent of our children! When we all work together, we can give these kids great experiences, as well as the myriad benefits and preparation for life that the arts engender.

If students never get a chance to see and dream about what could be, they may never explore the depths of a field. This is a way that we can inspire them to dream big.

One day in March, 500 Triton Students will gather to spend the day immersed in the arts. Younger students learn about the many offerings Triton has to offer, while the older students proudly showcase their talents. The day culminates with a concert for parents and families where students join together to play music and sing. We need your support to ensure the Triton District Arts Festival will occur once again for our students.

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Performing Arts in Triton

A school’s performing arts program exposes students to theater, dance, music and other forms of art. Without the existence of a performing arts program, students would have to venture outside of their everyday routine, and this would make the probability of them discovering an appreciation of fine arts more unlikely than if they attended a school that has a performing arts program. The performing arts caters to creating well-rounded individuals who are able to express themselves freely. Help us continue supporting our Triton performers!