Z Not Using Technology at Our Fingertips

Triton Ed

Give our students the opportunity to use the most advanced technologies. We are trying to give all our students the opportunity to use the most advanced technologies in the classroom. We started our Chrome book initiative to hopefully enable our students to the best environment to learn. Please help in giving our Triton students the best of the best.

Triton Technology

Over the past several years Triton Regional School District (TRSD) has made tremendous progress bringing technology into teaching and learning, and improving business operations. The main priority for the use of technology is to positively impact instruction; thereby contributing to the overall success of our students. This District Technology Plan prepares a deliberate direction for the district’s continued use, implementation, modernization, and application of the wealth of technologies that are available to today’s modern school districts. The plan focuses on cost effective initiatives that optimize the investment of all stakeholders. TEF plans to support TRSD in updating equipment when it becomes old, outdated, or obsolete. There is a critical and essential need to protect and maintain the investment made by previous technology procurements. A systemic modernization/replacement cycle will be fundamental to the Triton Regional Schools.