Supporting and enhancing the educational experience in Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury
Triton Education Foundation

About Us

TEF supports all five schools of the Triton Regional School District by soliciting and accepting grants and other charitable donations and providing donors with the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations, memorial contributions, pledges and other gifts.  In addition to financial support, TEF welcomes its corporate partners to participate in learning events and career mentorship activities, as well as the development of relationships, internship opportunities and work opportunities that extend long after graduation.



Our Board of Directors, members and volunteers include enthusiastic parents, community members, educators, and local business leaders who all participate on an uncompensated basis and share a deep interest in enhancing the long-term educational experience and economic opportunities for all Triton students, past and present.

  • Joe Atchinson  –  President, Triton Parent
  • Jesse Remignanti  –  Vice President, Triton Parent
  • Rich Pesce  –  Treasurer, Triton Parent
  • Kristin Burns  –  Secretary, Triton Parent
  • Brian Forget  –  Ex-Officio TEF Member, Superintendent of Triton Regional School District


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